Currently only 2 portfolios are available for subscription.

  • FtM - Value India (Rebalanced every 4 weeks)
  •  FtM - Momentum India (Rebalanced every 2 weeks)

FtM Portfolios are available for investment on .

The minimum investment required is calculated so that you can buy at least 1 share of each stock in the Portfolio. However, in practical terms you should consider a higher amount so that fees and brokerage charges do not offset your return.

Rebalancing is the process of changing your portfolio to ensure that it continues to reflect the machine portfolio. Each rebalance adds and deletes stocks from the portfolio by buying and selling relevant stocks in the right amount. Rebalancing is not an automatic process; you would be notified via email when your portfolio needs a rebalance. You can review the changes and apply the update in 1 click.

The FtM Portfolios currently rebalance over the weekend. This means that all users will be notified of portfolio changes over the weekend and can decide their actions before market opening on Monday.

Yes, FtM portfolios can be rebalanced with one click on the Smallcase site, if you have your brokerage and Demat account with one of the brokers on the list below

  1. 5paisa
  2. Alice Blue
  3. Angel Broking
  4. AxisDirect
  5. Edelweiss
  6. HDFC Sec
  7. IIFL Sec
  8. Kotak Sec
  9. Motilal Oswal
  10. Trustline
  11. Upstox
  12. Zerodha

Profit/loss booking as per schedule happens with each rebalance. Although you will be free to put in Profit or Stop loss orders on your own please remember that every time you make a transaction outside the FtM portfolio rebalance, your returns will differ.

Yes - You can customise your orders to remove “unnecessary” buy and sell orders and minimise transaction costs. Just click on review update and then click on custom update. You can change the quantity being bought or sold as part of rebalance as shown below.

Because your entire portfolio of securities is kept within your normal Brokerage/DEMAT account, you always have complete control on when to exit a particular stock.

Because FtM Portfolios are integrated with your broker account, your FtM Portfolio holdings are handled separately. Your other holdings will continue as is.

For displaying the holdings, different brokers will show holdings in a different way. For example, Zerodha has an option to show the Smallcase holdings via a separate dropdown.

At the moment – No. You will have to access FtM via .

We are working on a provision that allows you to get access to portfolios and each rebalance via email – using which one can replicate the FtM portfolios. Please remember you will need to do each transaction in rebalance manually.

Apart from the subscription fees paid for the Portfolio, we charge you no other fees.

You may have some additional costs, depending on your broker. Some brokers charge a one-time fee of ₹100 at the first investment with no further charges. Some brokers allow this for free. There will be normal transaction charges for delivery trades – Brokerage, STT, Exchange Levy, DP Charges. Please keep all these in mind while figuring out your investment amount.

Taxes – Short term capitals gains tax will be applicable at 15% on net gains.

This is really simple to do –just click on “Exit Smallcase” and your entire portfolio will be sold at once.

There is no lock in on any investment made into any FtM Portfolio

The Indian FtM portfolios do not contain short positions as short positions aren’t allowed in cash market in India. However, short positions may be part of FtM portfolios in international markets.

Orders are unexecuted under some rare circumstances. We encourage you to check your broker account notifications to avoid these situations

  1. There is no Demat account linked with your trading account
  2. You do not have sufficient funds while placing the orders (even though a funds check is conducted when you place any order - prices might have changed resulting in a/some order/s not getting filled)
  3. If you have sold a stock directly via the broker platform, this does not get updated in your Portfolio and will result in unfilled orders

The foundation of what we do is the creation of very high quality investment signals. In their raw form, these are not easy for everyone to use, so we package them into InvestorAi app (for investors who have some knowledge or want to build their knowledge) and into FtM Portfolios (for investors who do not want to bother with finding the right time to buy and sell individual stocks). So both InvestorAi and FtM have a common source but are very different products.