Our Focus

We are a vertical AI firm focused on the Wealth and Investments industry.
Our products are designed for use by front office functions of our customer organisations.

Our Model

We offer a volume based subscription based model so that our customers only pay for the services and algorithms they use.

Our History

Our story began in late 2017 with discussions between Akshaya and Sarthak, during which they discovered a shared passion for transforming how the Wealth and Investments industry worked.

Navveen joined us shortly after, followed by Bruce. We received our first funding from Barclays UK Ventures, built the first version of our InvestAi platform during 2018, received our authorisation from the FCA in September (within 5 weeks of application) and signed our first Pilot customer contract in the same month.

Today, we are proud of what we have achieved to date and excited about the road ahead.

Working at Bridgeweave


Akshaya Bhargava
Chairman & Founder
Bruce Keith
Chief Executive Officer
Saurav Adhikari
Non-Executive Director

Senior Advisors

Dr. Aldo Olcese
Dr. Tracy Long CBE
Ishan Raina
James Goad
Manoj Saxena


Sarthak Behura
Product Development & Bridgeweave Labs
Prashant Sisodia
Shruthi Bopaiah
Client Engagement & Communications
Sara Magrath
Legal & Compliance
Pulkit Gupta
Sidhartha Ray
Shailesh Sridhar
Bridgeweave Labs
Rushabh Banthia
Krishna Teja
Vishruti Taranekar
Bridgeweave Labs
Siddhanth Mayya
Bridgeweave Labs
Nidhi Singhania
Apurva Singh
Bridgeweave Labs