Follow-the-Machine Portfolios

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InvestorAi follow the machine (FtM)* portfolios

Create your own equity portfolio without any management or advisory fees.

Subscribe to your own equity portfolio, created and rebalanced regularly using the power of AI. No management or advisory fees, only a simple fixed subscription fee.

Create your own equity portfolio without any management or advisory fees.
Simple fixed subscription fees.

Very pleased to share that our FtM portfolios are listed on Wealthdesk and smallcase. So you have the choice to decide which one you prefer. Both cost the same and offer the same portfolios.

FtM Portfolios have completed 7 months and are eligible for leaderboard rankings as well.

In the last 7 months since the FtM Portfolios went live, our portfolios have given (as of November 2021):

1. FtM Momentum India = + 60.38% returns.

2. FtM Value India = + 25.38% returns.

These are great numbers and while actual portfolio returns will vary for many reasons, this underscores the long term nature of this product and the ability of the machine to outperform the benchmark.

A DIY equity portfolio consisting of the best signals from InvestorAi – available to buy and rebalance with one click.

Fixed subscription fee, no matter how much you invest.

InvestorAi FtM portfolios are now available through the following sites.

Rigorous back testing
One click buy
Regular rebalancing
Integrated with your broker account
Single monthly fee
One click rebalance
One click exit
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