Our Solutions

Our products leverage the power of AI to create breakthrough front office solutions for activities such as investment decision making, customer acquisition, cross sell, client engagement and revenue retention. They are optimised for the wealth and asset management industries and provided on a subscription basis.

Our solutions use AI in two distinct and complimentary ways: our machine learning algorithm library produces insights from very large data sets and our personalization engine provides the matching and user insights to generate the best revenue opportunities for these insights.

Tailored Solutions

We tailor our solutions to exact needs of our clients through our proprietary technology platform. Our platform is designed using microservices that are combined to create breakthrough AI powered products for the wealth and asset management industry.

Configured Solutions

While every solution is tailored to customer needs, not every solution needs to be completely custom built. For the most part, we use our own extensive domain knowledge, existing microservices and algorithms available on our platform to create configured solutions. This reduces time to market and cost for our clients.

Case Study


In cases where we see an industry sub-segment with similar requirements from many users, we package the optimum set of microservices and algorithms into pre-configured products that further reduce the time to market and cost.

Intelligent APIs

Our platform is built on a microservices architecture which gives us the ability to implement new AI products very quickly, allowing our clients to test new ideas in a cost effective manner and move only the most promising ones to production.

We deliver our solution via logical bundles of intelligent APIs that are configured together to create the customer solution.

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