InvestorAi at a glance

Investment information like you’ve never had before

High quality predictive investment ideas

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This is why, I InvestorAi

InvestorAi at a glance

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InvestorAi at a glance

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90 day ideas

Value investing ideas

Analyses thousands of stocks to identify good companies that are temporarily undervalued, rank well against their peers and have historically bounced back well.

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30 day ideas

Targeting 3% return in 30 days

Identifies stocks and ETFs with positive upward momentum that may deliver absolute 3% return in 30 days.

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3 day ideas

3 day long & short signals

Capitalises on stock price upsides or downsides over 3 days, for the experienced momentum investor.

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3 day technical & fundamental patterns

Technical indicators and fundamental patterns generate 3 day bull and bear signals for individual stocks.

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Create and track your own thematic baskets

AI will guide you through all steps required to build a thematic portfolio of stocks based on your criteria.

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Choose your preferences and control what you see

Use AI to help you set criteria, track your favourite stocks and portfolio and discover new stocks.

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Compare different stocks on multiple criteria

Easy comparison with the index, peers and competitors.

How does InvestorAi work?

There’s something for everyone

Whether you are an occasional investor, a regular trader or an expert investor, InvestorAi delivers sophisticated AI signals and investment ideas to you that will help you make more informed investment decisions.

InvestorAi levels the playing field of investment information by giving you the same type of information that has traditionally been available only to institutional investors.